When it comes to storing your RV or boat, proper preparation and decluttering are crucial to ensure your investment remains in top condition. Whether you’re in Fort Worth or Haslet, finding the right storage facility is essential. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll share valuable insights and expert tips to help you prepare your RV for storage and find the perfect storage solution near you. For trusted storage services, contact NFW RV & Boat Storage at (817) 727-4410.

Decluttering Your RV

Before you think about storing your RV, it’s essential to declutter it effectively. A clutter-free RV not only makes the storage process smoother but also helps prevent potential damage.

Start with a Plan Create a checklist of items you’ll need during storage. Determine which items are essential and which can be removed.

Remove Personal Belongings Take out all personal items such as clothing, food, and valuables. Ensure all perishables are disposed of or donated.

Clean and Organize Thoroughly clean the interior of your RV. Organize cabinets and storage spaces.

Inspect for Pests Check for any signs of pests and take preventive measures.

Empty Water Tanks Drain and flush all water tanks to prevent freezing and damage.

Maintenance and Repairs

Before storing your RV, it’s essential to address any maintenance or repair issues to ensure it’s in tip-top shape when you retrieve it.

Engine Care Change the oil and filter. Top off all fluids. Ensure the battery is charged or disconnected.

Tires Inflate tires to the recommended pressure. Place boards under tires to prevent flat spots.

Exterior Wash and wax the exterior. Check for any visible damage and repair as necessary.

Roof and Seals Inspect the roof for leaks or damage. Re-seal any seams or gaps to prevent water intrusion.

Preparing for Long-Term Storage

Once your RV is decluttered and well-maintained, it’s time to prepare it for long-term storage. Follow these steps to protect your investment.

Find a Reliable Storage Facility Choose a reputable storage facility like NFW RV & Boat Storage. Ensure the facility offers secure and climate-controlled options.

Consider Using RV Covers Invest in a quality RV cover to protect against dust and UV rays.

Use RV-Specific Products Use RV-specific antifreeze for plumbing systems. Consider using moisture-absorbing products to prevent mold and mildew.

Disconnect Batteries Disconnect the RV’s batteries to prevent draining.

Secure Entry Points Seal all entry points, including doors and windows, to deter pests.

Boat Storage Options

For boat owners in Fort Worth and Haslet, finding the right boat storage solution is equally important.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage Indoor storage provides superior protection from the elements. Outdoor storage is generally more cost-effective.

Boat Covers Invest in a quality boat cover to protect your vessel from the elements.

Regular Maintenance Maintain your boat’s engine, hull, and electrical systems before storage.

Security Choose a storage facility with 24/7 security measures, such as NFW RV & Boat Storage.

Finding the Perfect Storage Solution

When it comes to finding the ideal storage solution for your RV or boat, consider the following factors:

Location Look for a facility that is convenient for you, whether it’s Fort Worth, Haslet, or somewhere nearby.

Security Ensure the facility has reliable security measures in place to protect your valuable assets.

Climate Control If you’re concerned about extreme temperatures, opt for a climate-controlled storage option.

Accessibility Choose a facility that offers convenient access hours.


Properly preparing your RV or boat for storage is essential to keep it in excellent condition and ready for your next adventure. Whether you’re in Fort Worth or Haslet, NFW RV & Boat Storage provides secure and reliable storage solutions for all your recreational vehicles. Follow the tips and steps outlined in this guide to ensure a hassle-free storage experience. Don’t wait; contact NFW RV & Boat Storage today and take the first step towards secure and worry-free storage.